STUG Training Specializes in:

  • Re-training
  • Trail Ready
  • Conditioning 
  • Refining or putting buttons on a green  horse 
S.T.U.G training amenities:
*160ftx120ft arena
*40 foot in diameter round pen 
*miles of trails
Horses in training will enjoy:
*Free choice hay (round bales and square available)
*10x10 box stall incase of bad weather
*Turn out 24/7 in our training paddock unless bad weather

Training Packages  

30 days * 60 days * 90 days

****will asses every 30 days 

$600-- Training 5 days a week 

$500--Training 4 days a week

$400 --- Training 3 days a week 

$300---Training 2 days a week 

$200---Training 1 day a week

***Full care Board (hay & shavings also             ) included in the training price. Client will provide grain. 

STUG trails
STUG arena